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How to Choose the Best Security Cameras for Senior Home Safety

Last Updated on 23 November 2023

The greatest gift any child can give to an aging parent is independence. Seniors naturally resist having to move into a full-time care facility, but children worry about mom and dad as they get older and even simple household tasks become challenging. One solution that gives both seniors and their children peace of mind is using security cameras for seniors to monitor home safety.

Senior monitoring systems have been around since people started using nanny cams in the 1990s. While home security cameras have become more sophisticated and increasingly popular, “granny cams” for senior security have different criteria.

For one thing, senior monitoring systems are regulated. Every state has laws protecting personal privacy, and it’s important to preserve the dignity of those being monitored. The aim of installing inside cameras for elderly relatives is to protect their well-being and give family members peace of mind. However, in many regions consent has to be granted, especially for recording sound and images. The best way to avoid problems is to be open about intent and respect seniors’ rights and privacy.

The Value of Senior Monitoring Systems

Seniors and their families should consider using inside cameras for the elderly for various reasons. For seniors who live alone, an in-home camera can provide a sense of security for seniors in case of a fall or other challenge, and it allows family members to check in as needed.

According to the Center for Disease Control, in the U.S. alone there are about 36 million older adult falls per year, and more than 32,000 deaths from falls. One out of every five falls results in injury, and there are about 3 million seniors admitted to the emergency room each year to treat falls. While a camera won’t prevent a fall, with an in-home security camera, family members can monitor elderly relatives and call for assistance when it’s needed.

Most security cameras for seniors also come with two-way audio, which makes it possible to hear when someone’s in trouble. It can even provide a connection when seniors start to feel isolated and want to reach out.

Shopping for the Best Security Cameras for Seniors

When shopping for the best in-home senior monitoring system, there are specific features you should look for.

  • You want a camera system with smartphone viewing and mobile alerts when activity is detected. That way, you can know immediately if emergency services need to be called.
  • Two-way communications are important. You want to be able to interact, so mom or dad don’t feel they are living under observation.
  • Look for a system that is smart-home compatible. You want to be able to access the system any time from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.
  • Consider cameras equipped with heat and motion detection, and night vision.
  • Camera systems should be easy to install and maintain, including features such as remote software updates.
  • Be sure the system has a reliable power source and long-lasting battery backup. You shouldn’t rely on seniors to remember to change the batteries.
  • Unlike other senior monitoring services, installing your own security cameras for seniors eliminates having to pay monthly fees.

Swann Delivers Senior Security

If you are looking for security systems for your senior family members, Swann has a variety of products to meet your senior security needs.

For indoor cameras, consider the CoreCam Pro™ 2K Wireless Spotlight camera (SWIFI-COREPRO) with a Wwi-Ffi connection and a long-lasting battery. The CoreCam Pro features True Detect™ heat and motion sensing, color night vision, smart mobile alerts, and two-way talk capability. A more affordable alternative camera is the 2K Quad HD Wi-Fi Camera (SWIFI-2KICAM) with motion sensing and night vision, two-way talk, and a built-in siren. Both of these cameras plug into a power socket for set and forget security.

Indoor cameras are only part of home security. You also should consider a video doorbell like the SwannBuddy™ (SWIFI-BUDDY) with talk and listen capability, True Detect motion sensors, wide viewing angle, and it operates hands-free with Google or Alexa. The SwannBuddy™ is wireless, using rechargeable battery power or can run off existing doorbell wiring.

As part of home security, you can install motion detectors without the camera to detect intruders. The Swann Alpha Series Home Assistance Button & Movement Sensor kit is battery powered and can detect motion up to 13 feet / 4 meters away using passive infrared (PIR) sensors. Swann also offers Wi-Fi Window & Door Alarm sensors (SFWIFI-WDOOR) to alert you when a door or window is opened.

Other types of remote sensors can help protect seniors and provide peace of mind. For example, a Leak Alert Sensor (SWIFI-LEAK) can detect leaking water pipes, flooding, and leaky windows and doors. The Leak Alert Sensor is battery powered and with Wwi-Ffi access so it can be smartphone controlled.

Swann offers the best security cameras for seniors as well as other security products and accessories. Be sure to browse Swann’s catalog of security solutions to find the security products you need to protect your loved ones, including seniors. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right security products for your needs. You can keep senior family members safe and help them live independently with the right security products from Swann.