Choosing the Best Night Vision Cameras for Wildlife


Interested in the wildlife around your property? Filming or photographing the action isn’t as easy as taking out your smartphone. Most animals are nocturnal, primarily coming out to find mates and forage for food at night. Although you may see some of these animals — such as deer, foxes and squirrels — during the day, their nighttime activity is often far different than you might imagine, with distinct behaviors and rituals.

To capture this activity, you’ll need a special tool: a quality outdoor night vision camera for wildlife. These cameras can provide important insights about your property, from helping to monitor plants, gardens and crops to protecting beloved pets from predators. They can even help hunters or wildlife enthusiasts identify what sort of animals are inhabiting the area.

With such a powerful tool, and so many options available to buyers, where should you start? 
To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a helpful checklist. This will give you the power to select the best possible night vision cameras for wildlife observation, pointing out important considerations to make while shopping.

Make Sure Your Wildlife Camera Can Check These Boxes

  • 4K or higher resolution with day and night vision
  • Strong and effective IR illuminators (allowing for clear low-light imaging)
  • Sturdy weatherproofing
  • Long battery life (or a reliable power source, such as solar)
  • Powerful digital zoom
  • Effective motion detection (with alerts to catch wildlife in the act)
  • Ample storage capacity
  • No hidden subscription fees

Start Shopping Today!

No matter what your goal is for monitoring wildlife, choosing the right camera — one that includes the features listed above — will greatly enhance your experience. Be sure to use your camera(s) in a way that won’t cause any disturbances, allowing you to capture the purest, most natural footage without harming any wildlife.

If you’re ready to start shopping, visit Swann Security to explore the very best in wildlife and night vision cameras.