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How to Pick the Best Pet Monitoring Camera for Your Home

Last Updated on 20 December 2023

These days, more and more people are offering their pets special foods, treats, toys and experiences. As pets are being cared for better than ever before, it only makes sense to start monitoring their well-being from afar — like when you’re at work, on vacation, or otherwise away from home.

The best way to do this? With a pet monitoring camera! No matter what you call them — pet monitor cameras, pet security cameras, or home pet cameras — these devices can be used to help with excessive barking or meowing, accidents and emergencies, training and behavior modification, or just peace of mind. Some people even buy home pet cameras just to monitor and interact with their pets throughout the day. 

While there’s no right or wrong way to use them, there are certain pet monitoring cameras that are better than others. Here are some important pet security camera features to keep in mind:

Features To Look For in Pet Monitoring Cameras

Audio Recording

Believe it or not, not all home pet cameras have microphones to record audio. This can be an important feature, especially if you’re worried about your pets making too much noise and disturbing neighbors.

2-Way Talk

Taking audio capabilities to the next level, 2-way talk allows you to not only listen through the camera’s microphone, but to talk through a specially-designed speaker. This allows you to communicate with your animals, which can be helpful if you feel the need to distract, redirect, or connect with them.

Wi-Fi Capability

While most pet monitoring cameras are Wi-Fi enabled, it’s still an important feature to check on. Wi-Fi enabled cameras allow you to enjoy an easy setup process, and don’t necessarily have to be connected to any type of recorder (look for a standalone model). 

Powered Wi-Fi or Wireless/Wire-free

Wi-Fi enabled cameras come in two variations: powered Wi-Fi models that need to be plugged into an outlet, and wireless or wire-free models that are battery-powered. Take a minute to think about where you’d like to mount your home pet camera — if there are no outlets nearby, you may want to consider a wireless or wire-free model.

Apps and Remote Monitoring

It’s important to know the quality of the app that comes with your pet monitoring camera. Not all apps are the same. Some are much easier to navigate than others — such as the Swann Security app, which allows you to access footage and control camera features from any smart device.

Features To Look Out For in Pet Monitoring Cameras

Hidden Fees

Some pet security cameras charge monthly fees for storage, cybersecurity, and more. These ongoing costs can make seemingly affordable models much more expensive than what you bargained for. Look for home pet cameras with free local and cloud storage, such as powered Wi-Fi or wireless cameras from Swann.


Another way that pet monitoring cameras get expensive? Costly subscriptions. There are plenty of home pet cameras that don’t require long subscriptions, so be on the lookout for companies trying to lock you into a contract.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Cameras

What pet cameras don’t need a subscription?

None of Swann Security’s cameras or surveillance systems require a subscription, making them a great choice for effective and affordable pet monitoring cameras.

What’s the difference between a camera with and without pet detection?

Certain cameras and monitors include pet detection, a feature that is meant to differentiate pets from people. This technology essentially ignores any motion detection triggered by animals, sending alerts only when people are detected. 

While pet detection may be beneficial for security purposes, it isn’t very beneficial if you’re just looking to keep tabs on your pets.

Do pet cameras record all the time?

Generally, no, pet monitoring cameras do not record all the time. Instead, they’re activated by sound or motion events. Many Swann cameras feature TrueDetect™ heat & motion detection, giving reliable alerts.

Shop Swann’s Best Pet Monitoring Home Cameras

Are you ready to start browsing the best home security cameras for pets? Check out Swann’s powered Wi-Fi 2KI Indoor Security Camera with 2-Way Talk, Siren & Heat + Motion Detection with 2K HD video and a wide 105° viewing angle to reduce blind spots. Need a wireless option? Explore the Xtreem Wireless Security Camera with 2-Way Talk, Siren & Heat + Motion Detection with easy setup and up to 6 months of rechargeable battery life, or head to the Swann’s help center for more information on Swann’s products and services.