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Home » Comprehensive Guide to Front Gate Security Systems: Cameras, Alarms, and More

Comprehensive Guide to Front Gate Security Systems: Cameras, Alarms, and More

Last Updated on 23 November 2023

Your home is a precious place, not only containing your possessions, but symbolizing the life and family you’ve built up over time. Don’t leave it vulnerable to criminal activity — get a front gate camera for protection.

Why Every Homeowner Should Consider a Front Gate Security System

Most burglars look for the easiest, most inauspicious points of entry when targeting a home. That often means the front door, where thieves will try to enter swiftly without drawing attention to themselves. The best deterrent: front gate camera security systems.

These systems not only reduce the chance of burglars approaching your home, but also allow you to monitor all of the activity around your gate, porch and front yard. From package deliveries to visits from friends and family to unwanted guests, your front gate camera will capture it all — offering practicality and peace of mind.

Need even more reason to look into these systems? A good security system can actually increase the resale value of your home. It’s an investment in your safety and your property.
Here’s what to look for in a front gate security system:

Key Features of an Ideal Front Gate Security System

Your front gate security is only as effective as your surveillance equipment. That’s why it’s essential to get a high-resolution front gate security camera, allowing you to capture important details such as faces, identifying features and license plates. Swann offers a variety of high-resolution cameras, from 1080p HD standalone cameras to two-camera 2K HD security kits.

Capturing important details is a great start, but today’s cameras have many additional features worth considering. Swann’s CoreCam 2K Wireless Spotlight Camera has a built-in spotlight and siren, allowing you to scare away intruders and prevent unwanted activity. This innovative camera also features a microphone and speaker, making it possible to communicate with guests, strangers, delivery drivers and more.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a massive, expensive surveillance system for effective security coverage. Depending on your situation, you may want something as simple as a video doorbell, or you may want a network of several products. No matter what equipment you get, make sure it’s got a weatherproof design — capable of withstanding tough outdoor conditions.

Some home security brands allow you to integrate different products together, such as floodlights, door and window alarms and sirens, allowing you to customize your front gate security system to suit your needs. Swann makes it easy to link products together through the Swann Security App, allowing you to easily monitor and control your entire security system from one place.

No matter what security brand you turn to, look out for ongoing subscription fees. Some providers require subscriptions to use their products, locking customers into expensive contracts. Although Swann offers professional monitoring services, this is 100% optional and features no long-term contracts.

Setting Up Your Front Gate Camera: Best Practices

Can you put a camera on a gate? Absolutely! Wireless security cameras can be installed practically anywhere — just as long as there’s a strong Wi-Fi signal in the area. Wired cameras may also work on front gates, albeit with a more challenging installation process. Alternatively, cameras situated around the front porch can be just as effective.

To get the best possible footage of your front gate or porch, you’ll want to position your camera(s) very strategically. Make sure you’re capturing important parts of your property, such as the front door, sidewalk, driveway, or other areas of interest. It’s often possible to capture several areas at once, so play around with the placement and angle of your camera.

It’s also important to consider your Wi-Fi connection — ensuring that wireless cameras have the signal strength they need to function properly. If this presents an issue, there are two possible solutions: getting a Wi-Fi booster or buying wired cameras. Wi-Fi boosters work to extend the range of your wireless network, giving you a stronger signal further from the router. If this isn’t appealing — or doesn’t work for whatever reason — your best bet is to buy wired cameras, which are hardwired into the home.

Wired cameras require a recorder to function, meaning that you’ll need to invest in an entire DVR or NVR system if you choose this route. To set up wired front gate cameras, you’ll need to take on a more extensive installation process, or pay for professional installation.

Get Started Today

Front gate camera systems are an important part of securing your home. By arming yourself with a high-definition surveillance camera or two — and possibly other security measures like floodlights, door and window alarms, and sirens — you can protect your home and family for the ultimate peace of mind.

Ready to get started? Turn to Swann Security as your home’s first line of defense.