What to do if your packages were stolen

What To Do If Your Package Is Stolen?

So you ordered something and are anxiously awaiting its arrival, then the scheduled delivery date comes and nothing. You check the tracking of your shipment, and sure enough, it says your package was delivered....
Vacation Home Security

7 Vacation Home Security Tips

If you own a vacation property or second home you want to make sure your investment stays safe when you are not around. Most likely you only use your vacation home for a small...
Apartment Security Tips

Apartment Security Tips & Home Security for Renters

Living in an apartment presents some unique security concerns. The additional presence of other tenants surrounding your apartment and the increase in foot traffic in and around your home may offer fewer opportunities for...

What Is Video Resolution, and What Type Is Right for You?

Full HD. Ultra HD. Mega HD. When it comes to security cameras, what do all these different video resolutions mean? Video Resolution Explained 1080p, 4K, and newer terms like 12MP are on every product from security...
UK Smart Home Tech Stat

Swann Smart Index: Smart Homes on the Rise in the UK

The 2018 Swann Smart Security Index surveyed 2,000 UK consumers about smart home technology and how it fits into their lives. From security to temperature control and more, smart home technology is changing our...
Cyber Security

How Swann Protects Customer Data and Privacy

From online shopping to security camera streams, it's standard to wonder, "is my information safe?" Amid growing cyber safety concerns across the globe, data security should be a priority for consumers and companies alike....

Why PIR Motion Detection Cameras Offer Superior Home Security

Most Americans believe that crime is on the rise, and one in four American households has some kind of security system, many of which have...

Selecting the Best Security Camera Systems for Churches & Houses of Worship

Houses of worship should provide the safest of sanctuaries for all religious congregations. Unfortunately, the potential exists for theft and damage from vandals, and in rare cases, aggravated incidents. That’s why it...

Choosing the Best Garage Security Cameras For Your Home

How to make your garage — and what’s inside of it — more secure. Did you know that garages are often targeted by thieves? Attached garages can serve as...

Keeping a Watch on Remote Locations and Vacant Properties

When you think of security cameras, you typically think of in-store closed-circuit cameras or wireless webcams to monitor your home. Perhaps you have a video doorbell to keep an eye on deliveries...

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