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How Swann Protects Customer Data and Privacy

Cyber Security

From online shopping to security camera streams, it’s standard to wonder, “is my information safe?” Amid growing cyber safety concerns across the globe, data security should be a priority for consumers and companies alike. At Swann, our main focus is not only developing top-of-the-line camera systems to protect personal property, but also ensuring the data involved remains secure.

As a market leader in home security, Swann is proud to be at the forefront of addressing these data and privacy concerns. We take our current and potential customers’ trust seriously and are delighted to list the many ways we protect our users’ information.

  • We are GDPR compliant, and amongst other provisions, only store all user information in the user’s specific region. We are also compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If there are any questions as to what personal data Swann has access to, to opt out of your data being collected, or to request the deletion of your personal data, please visit
  • We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our information. AWS is a reputable western provider of cloud services.
  • All personally identifiable information used by our systems is stored by a prominent OAuth (Open Authorization) partner, LoginRadius, which is responsible for 1 Billion user accounts across the world.
  • Our services are deployed using a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) approach (machine operated, consistent every time) which generates our systems using a standardized script. This mitigates human error during deployments and ensures private data is not inadvertently publicly visible.
  • All data transmitted between Swann devices, cloud, and apps is at least AES-128 bit (Bank Grade) encrypted.
  • We employ strict Access Control policies that govern system access.
  • We encourage our users to use complex alpha/numeric/special character passwords and to keep the details as private as they would personal bank details.
  • We remind users to become aware of, and comply with, their local jurisdiction’s laws and regulations relating to the use of cameras.
  • We encourage users to choose a wireless/Wi-Fi network that’s secure: avoid no-name brands and do not use the default username and password.

At Swann, we take the responsibility of our customer’s data security and privacy seriously. When choosing a home security system from Swann, users can be confident that our team is making sure personal data remains safe while providing the newest advancements in DIY security.