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Home » Put the heat on crime with Swann’s True Detect™ Thermal-Sensing CCTV system

Put the heat on crime with Swann’s True Detect™ Thermal-Sensing CCTV system

Choosing the right security system for you

Last Updated on 1 August 2018

Press Release

New passive infrared (PIR) sensors and push notifications combine to create a highly reliable and user-friendly DIY system that ensures only important footage is captured.

Swann, a global leader in DIY security monitoring solutions, has today announced a revolution in home security with its new thermal-sensing system. The Swann Thermal-Sensing HD Security System is a cutting edge and easy-to-use, expandable surveillance system which incorporates Swann’s new True DetectTM heat-based PIR motion detection to reliably capture activity.

Swann 8 Channel Security System 1080p Full HD 1TB DVR with 4 x 1080p Thermal Sensing Cameras DVK 4580

Featuring state-of-the-art PIR motion sensors designed for security applications, the cameras are optimised to reliably detect people, as well as cars, large pets and other heat-generating large objects. Swann’s True DetectTM technology provides more accurate motion detection and minimises false triggers due to wind, falling leaves, bugs and rain. In comparison to traditional pixel motion detection, the PIR motion detection also gives users over four times more efficient use of their hard drive space, by ensuring only important footage is captured, stored and reported.

The security system offers Swann’s 1080P Full HD image quality, allowing home and business owners to see faces, number plates and other important details. The cameras also provide a night vision range of 30 metres (100ft) and have full weatherproofing, with IP66 rating, to ensure that the system records around the clock – day and night, rain or shine.

“This solution is ideal for monitoring homes, offices, small businesses and retail stores, to deter, capture and catch thieves, and cut the cost of crime,” said Jeremy Stewart, VP of Global Marketing at Swann. “Home and business owners no longer have to sift through hours of footage to find what they’re looking for. Thanks to our True Detect technology, the CCTV system distinguishes between genuine intruders and false triggers, enabling users to save valuable time and spend it on more important things.”

The accuracy of the True DetectTM technology assures that app based push notifications are fewer and more relevant, reliably informing users as and when recording has been triggered. The HomeSafe View app delivers surveillance in the palm of the user’s hand, so they can watch live and playback footage from any of the cameras connected to the DVR from anywhere in the world using their iOS and Android devices.

“Between our jobs and spending time with family or friends, the current world we live can get chaotic and find us always on the go. Our HomeSafe™ View app puts CCTV monitoring, in the palm of your hands, wherever you may be in the world,” added Stewart. “To arrive at your home or business and find out that it has been broken in to can also put a great deal of strain on your life and finances. With the combination of True Detect technology and remote viewing capabilities, you can now react to a serious situation if and when it is happening.”

To further improve the user experience, Swann has added various smart software analytics. QuickReview™ allows different events and periods of time from the same channel to be reviewed at once, while Quickshot™ improves playback and saves users time. It provides a time lapse of still images to be viewed from multiple channels at once, to track a specific event of interest from multiple cameras and quickly check a whole day’s activity.


 Swann Thermal Sensing Security System


Australia: The Swann Thermal-Sensing Security System includes the PRO-1080MSB cameras which are supplied with a DVR in the following combinations: a 4-channel, 4-camera system (SWDVK-445804), an 8-channel, 6-camera system (SWDVK-845806) or an 8 channel, 8 camera system (SWDVK-845808). Installation is simple and users have the ability to add 2 more cameras to the SWDVK-845806 system.

The DVR’s have 1TB internal hard drives pre-installed and, due to the True Detect thermal sensing technology, can capture over a year’s worth of the security events that matter. It’s true set and forget security.

Once purchased and installed, there are no ongoing fees. The security systems are affordably priced as follows:

  • 4 Channel, 4 Cameras (RRP $549.95 AUD)
  • 8 Channel with 6 Cameras (RRP $699.95 AUD)
  • 8 Channels with 8 Cameras (RRP $799.95 AUD).

UK: The Swann Thermal-Sensing Security Systems come in variants of 4, 8 and 16 Channel Systems with a choice of cameras to suit your home or business needs. The Swann Thermal-Sensing range is available to buy now from

USA & Canada: Coming soon