DIY Home Security Industry Trends 2017


Last Updated on 20 June 2018

5 Industry trends that will shape security in 2017

1.Higher Resolution

The race to higher resolutions will continue. Resolutions previously only seen in the professional market will filter down into the DIY Security space.

2. Storage Improvements

Higher resolutions are generating more data than ever before, creating a need for larger hard drives and/or more efficient ways of storing the recorded video.

3. Software Enhancements

Higher resolutions and more powerful processors allow software-driven security applications to filter down into the DIY Security space.

4. Wireless World

As consumers have become more accustomed to Wi-Fi they are now frequently demanding wireless (powered or battery) security solutions.

5. Smarter Security

Slow to take off initially, security is seen by consumers to be the best fit as they adopt connected home and IoT technology into their lives.

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