Security Cameras & Systems That Work with Google Home


Last Updated on 21 September 2023

In today’s modern world, our homes are more advanced than ever, with voice commands and smart devices becoming the new norm. Lighting, outlets, appliances, and even home security camera systems can be set up to work with smart home platforms like Google Home and Alexa. In some applications, such as light bulbs, smart features add a touch of extra convenience to your life. For others, like home security systems, smart home integration is a total game changer. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what Google Home is, why it’s so beneficial to a home security system, and more.

What Exactly is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart home platform that allows you to pair different smart devices together, creating a high-tech system that’s controlled through voice commands. The voice commands are handled by a virtual assistant, called Google Assistant, which facilitates the desired action. Google Home integrates with thousands of other compatible third-party devices, including many home automation products like thermostats, lighting, and vacuum cleaners. You can download the Google Home app to control your system through your smart device, and receive helpful reminders and notifications (if desired). Otherwise, Google Home can be controlled through your web browser.

Why Get a Google Compatible Camera?

Security systems used to be clunky and difficult to use, especially in residential settings. Now, thanks to recent advances in smart technology, home security is convenient and requires very little technical expertise. With Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and home monitoring apps, like the Swann Security app, home security is now very accessible, with reduced installation and monitoring challenges. 

The logical next step? Integrating this technology into smart home platforms like Google Home. Swann Security saw this opportunity and was the first to integrate Google Assistant into multi-camera, wired security systems. Swann continues to produce a variety of cameras specially designed to be integrated with Google Home.

Using them is simple – just ask Google to check on specific areas of your home, such as the front door. Almost instantaneously, the security footage will get live streamed on your TV using Google Chromecast (built-in or standalone). This gives you the power to connect with your security system, at the drop of a hat, from almost anywhere in your home.

Can You Connect Any Camera to Google Home?

If you’re interested in this technology, you’ll have to do your research – not all security cameras work with Google Home. In fact, Google Home integration is a feature that has to be specifically designed into the camera.

Although some security cameras are designed to work with Alexa, instead of Google Home, many of them aren’t designed to work with either platform. In fact, some companies don’t produce any cameras capable of integrating into smart home platforms.

The Best Security Systems & Cameras for Smart Homes

Swann makes some of the most innovative security camera systems that work with Google Home. Whether you want a complete security system, where you can say, “Hey, Google, show me camera six,” or a single floodlight camera that you can turn on with your voice, Swann has the smart home cameras you’re looking for.


Swann Security also offers doorbell cameras that work with Google Home. Simply tell the Google Assistant to show who’s at the front door, and you’ll know who’s there in an instant. It’s as easy as that.

Other products

Smart security devices don’t stop at video doorbells! Swann makes all kinds of smart devices that can be integrated with Google Home In addition to cameras and video doorbells, Swann makes alarms, locks, and more! These devices can be linked together and controlled by your voice, making your security system smarter and more responsive than ever before. So, sit back, relax and say “Hey, Google.”

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