Swann MicroCam – A Hidden Camera that’s Tiny yet Powerful!

12 May, 2017

Swann’s MicroCam is the perfect solution for your covert surveillance needs. Whether you want to use it as a spy camera or be your own detective, Swann MicroCam is very tiny and stands less than 2 inches tall. For indoor installation, the MicroCam records in HD 720p (1MP), but resolution can also be downgraded to 960H (0.5MP) to work with older DVRs.

Swann Security MicroCam Hidden Camera2 Swann Security MicroCam Hidden Camera

Tiny Yet Powerful

Measuring only 1 3/4″ (4.5cm) square, the MicroCam can be easily hidden in its surroundings or installed as a secret camera. The camera image can be seen live when directly connected to a TV RCA input with the included BNC-to-RCA adapter.

Swann Security MicroCam Hidden Camera on Shelf

If you need to record video, just plug it to a compatible Swann DVR and you’ll have evidence in HD 720p. Watch footage recorded on the MicroCam hidden camera.

When plugged to a DVR, you get additional cool features, such as setting Motion Detection recording and also remote live view & playback footage with the Swann DVR’s app for iOS and Android. Pretty cool for something so small.


  • 720p
  • Resolution can be downgraded to 960H to work with older DVR
  • Only 2” tall with stand
  • Indoor use only
  • Day vision only
  • Connect to TV with BNC-to-RCA adapter
  • 52º view angle
  • 60ft (18m) BNC cable
  • Connect to Swann DVRs to get DVR features: Motion Detection, Remote Viewing & Playback

Where to Buy

Currently on sale in USA only, available at Menards for only $29.99 USD.

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