DVR vs. NVR – What’s The Difference?

When shopping for a security system, you’ll need to choose between a DVR or NVR recorder. Both perform the same function but differ in how and the type of cameras used. Understanding the difference between DVR and NVR is essential when evaluating security systems. In this article, our security experts will break down the differences and detail the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision. The Basics Before we dive into the details of DVRs and NVRs, let’s go over the terminology and a basic overview of how each system functions. DVR stands for ...
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Types of Security Cameras

Choosing a home security camera may seem like a reasonably straightforward process at first, but with all the different options available it can become a little overwhelming. Thanks to advances in video, wireless, and smart technology, there are many types of surveillance cameras each with advantages and disadvantages. Navigating the market requires first understanding some basics about the cameras and how they fit your security needs. The main types of security cameras include bullet, dome, indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless, wire-free, and smart cameras. Bullet and dome cameras are both named for their shape and are two of the most commonly ...
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